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Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry
Queen’s University
Kingston, Ontario, Canada
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Amanda joined Queen’s in July 2019 as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry with a research focus in chemistry education. Amanda grew up in a small town in Southern Ontario, where she learned by exploring and asking questions about nature. She completed her Honours Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry (2011) in the co-operative program at the University of Waterloo, where she grew a passion for synthetic organic chemistry. She went on to complete her Ph. D. in Organic Chemistry (2016) at the University of Ottawa with Prof. André Beauchemin, synthesizing many new and colourful heterocycles along the way. She then took a postdoctoral position (2016-2019) in the fields of Chemistry Education and Neuroscience, under the supervision of Prof. Alison Flynn (University of Ottawa) and Dr. Georg Northoff (Royal Ottawa Mental Health Institute).