2020 Wrap-up

Clockwise from the top left: Santosh, Evan, James, Phung, Joey, Manisha (Prof. Bongers in the inset)

I am so proud of the research group this year, thank you for a job well done!!

Welcome Sarah!

Part way through the term, Sarah Gulycz joined the group as our first jointly-supervised 4th year thesis student. She is working with our group and Prof. Zhe She to create some evidence-based learning activities for an analytical chemistry course.

Fourth-year Poster Day!

The poster day looked different this year, it was run as a live session in Teams! Evan, James, Manisha, and Sarah all presented their work from this Fall and their plans for 2021.

Alex Hemmerich (Summer 2020) made us proud!

The USSRF scholarship provides excellent students the opportunity to do social science and humanities research over the summer. For the program’s final event, Alex presented his work with confidence to the Queen’s University Principal and Vice-Principal Research, which led to a spirited discussion. We are fortunate to have a student like Alex to represent the research group to our university leaders!


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