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  • Closing the divide between ‘green’ and ‘organic’ chemistry

    Closing the divide between ‘green’ and ‘organic’ chemistry

    Over the summer, our group has been working on a new project: developing ‘plug-and-play’ organic chemistry modules that connect the classic topics (e.g., Michael additions) with green and sustainable chemistry. This project will create an Open Educational Resource (OER) that addresses both organic chemistry and green chemistry learning outcomes. We’re making the content so that […]

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  • Some good news!

    Welcome to the new students joining the group (remotely) this summer 🌞 Welcome to Manisha Blaskevitch, a student entering her 4th year in chemistry, and congratulations for being awarded an NSERC-USRA for this summer! And welcome to Alex Hemmerich, a 2nd year Concurrent Education student who won a Queen’s USSRF fellowship for his summer research […]

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