2021 Student-in-Resident Showcase

In 2021, the Department of Chemistry hosted four students-in-residence, connecting artists, writers, and entrepreneurs with our research labs.

The new Student-in-Residence “STIR” program brought in students studying disciplines outside science to work with chemists in our department. The students-in-residence completed a 4-week residency while paired with a research laboratory. The experience culminates in the fall showcase, where the students exhibit the creative outcome of their time in the department.

The works will be exhibited in Chernoff Hall starting in November 2021 and online. Check this page for updates!

The STIR program was organized by Prof. Amanda Bongers and funded by Experience Ventures and the Queen’s Department of Chemistry.

2021 Fall Showcase
Thursday October 28
12:00 – 2:00 PM
Gather Town (VIRTUAL)


Emma Bartley

Emma Bartley is a 4th year fine arts student at Queen’s. Her project helped deepen her understanding of the field of chemistry, leading her to create a piece of artwork that depicts the complexities of the molecular world of chemistry.

Click here to view Emma’s work

Electro-Bio-Surface Chemistry Lab

This research group, led by Dr. Zhe She, studies analytical chemistry, surface chemistry, electrochemistry and their applications in fabrications and sensing.


Lorne Di Nardo

Lorne Di Nardo is a 5th year fine arts student at Queen’s focused on lithography and the interface of art and science. His interdisciplinary project explores the innovational creative process within medieval alchemy through modern chemistry.

Click here to view Lorne’s work “The Stages of Creativity through Alchemy”

Crystalline Material Chemistry Group

Research at CMCG focuses on the discovery and development of inorganic crystalline materials and is led by Dr. Peng Wang.


Larissa Zhong

Larissa Zhong is set to graduate this spring with a major in English literature, a minor in psychology, and the Queen’s certificate in law. For her, this chemistry residency has been a wonderful look at the line where the empirical sciences meet environmental stewardship. For the project, Larissa decided to write a news-esque profile piece about the project and the leading researchers behind it, from the project’s conception to the future socioeconomic implications it could have.

Click here to read Larissa’s article.

Open Plastic Research Group

This multidisciplinary group is tackling the challenge to have zero plastic waste by 2030. The team is co-led by Laurence Yang (Chemical Engineering), David Zechel (Chemistry), George diCenzo (Biology), and James McLellan (Chemical Engineering).


Brianna Cairns

Brianna is a third-year Commerce student at Queen’s with experience in marketing and project management. She focused her project towards improving the efficiency of onboarding training by implementing a lab software technology.

Click here to view Brianna’s presentation

Howe-Ross-Zechel BioGroup

Brianna worked with the Howe/Ross/Zechel BioGroup, who are are a group of Chemists, Biochemists and Biologists interested in natural products and studying how these complex molecules are synthesized by enzymes. This group is co-led by Dr. Graeme Howe, Dr. Avena Ross, and Dr. David Zechel.

The STIR program was funded by Experience Ventures and the Department of Chemistry.



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2021 STIR Fall Showcase